Ive been through a day, where im not exactly sitting on top of the world.  Its okay. Not all days are like that and the sooner you allow yourself to have semi okay to even bad days, you’ll bounce back quicker.

The thing about days when things arent great, is knowing, that your thoughts are primarily the reason you feel like this.  That in itself is paramount.  Then its simply a case of ignoring what you feel and think, you can do this by identifying if what you feel is a ‘negative’ thought/outlook, and disregarding it.  Then re-inforce with positives, like doing something you enjoy, for me its a movie.  And taking it ‘easy’ on yourself and your mind. This means, NO thinking about heavy, deep, emotionally charged stuff.  NO dwelling, raking over the past.  Finally, only complete tasks at your own pace. Do it in your own time.

Do not ever have the intention of trying to relax.  Unfortunately for all anxiety sufferers, this will make things worse.  It creates tension, so forget about it.  Take your day as it comes.  Like for example, i felt lethargic, wired, and in pain from what is known as anxious pain casued by Adrenaline (to be posted).    I know if i breathe i will feel better, but the more i tried to breathe, the harder the day became.  I gave up ‘trying’ and did as above.  I ended up ‘forgiving’ myself for not making an elaborate dinner, and settled for something i love to eat thats ready in minutes.

I often feel guilty and when im well i know its without reason, so i stopped putting myself down and felt good that i was keeping to our family schedule, and bedtime was implemented (for my child) on time.

The end outcome, i have spent a day relaxing, have picked up my sense of self worth and know that the feeling that im going to cave and the anxious pain has no basis.  This has allowed me to focus on things i do want to do, ive remembered the numerous things i have achieve the past three day hence i dont need to feel guilty and im sat here, writing today.  I dont know if reading any of this will help, but what i do know is if you havent got round to challenging your behaviour, distraction from negative thoughts is vital to survival.

When you wake up feeling wretched, find the highlights of your today, be it watching a funny film, washing and blow drying your hair, reading a book you enjoy, or just sitting outside and being blessed to have time to watch the world for a time.
Distraction is anything that gives your relief from your negative thoughts.  Gaming is another of mine. You can find a list soon to be put up.  Remember, on days when things arent great, just breathe, and your mind takes a back seat.

I hope you have found something helpful, practiceable or just a moment where you feel distracted.  Feel free to comment.

Im in recovery. And that makes me happy.



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