The Self Care Skills, Value You.

This relates to The Self Care Skills Training Course,  found in the resources page. However, since the main website http://www.wipp.nhs – is down, material cannot  yet be accessed or even the Handbook for clients made available.  The Course has been developed by Kath Sharman, as has this presentation.  Please click on the link at the bottom and turn to the slide for the The Self Care Skills Course (click on the slide) to find out more, however the rest pertains to delivery and may not interest a service-user.

However, the course itself, has been instrumental in me as a parent, learning to adjust my priorities and value in caring for myself, which had huge and restorative effects to my anxiety and in turn changed the severity of symptoms.  Whilst i continue to try to contact those who can gain us access to course materials, you can also ask your Mental Health, or Health Practitioner if they are able to find a course near your or even the handbook.

Caring for your self, has proven to reduce spells of despair, increase confidence, and reduce anxiety symptoms.  Whilst Kath in this presentation states that peer-led (peer means a person with lived experience) is by far the greatest preference of service users, I as a peer volunteer am struggling to make contact and would be keen to once again have this course delivered.  The great aspect is that anyone, including parents and not just those with mental distress will benefit from this course.

If you are a part of WiPP, or its replacement/merged version, please send in your details, or feel free to pass mine, so that such an unexpectedly productive Course, can be made available to those who would love to take control of their own care, and improve it.  Kath Sharman, please use the comments or contact page to get in touch.

I recommend this course, highly.  You may wish to find out if you have young ones, if a local Sure Start centre can facilitate or bring in those that can deliver this course.

SETTING THE SCENE Training the Trainers and Building Capacity Kath Sharman – Consultant RGN, RCNT, RNT, Cert Ed, Bsc (Hons) MA.

Source: ⚡Presentation ‘SETTING THE SCENE Training the Trainers and Building Capacity Kath Sharman – Consultant RGN, RCNT, RNT, Cert Ed, Bsc (Hons) MA.’