Thanking God.



Thanking God, often taught as being thankful/thankfulness (but really no-one can be brave enough or be politically incorrect enough to say it!)  can get overlooked, overshadowed and even simply forgotten and is one of the 5 areas to wellbeing, some even advocate a thankfulness diary.

There are Muslims everywhere and those looking for spirituality, that want to increase their sense of close to God, perform better on daily obligations to matters of the heart but are stressed out will find this useful too.  This Journal allows the user, to come closer to your Creator, and is written for the Muslim in mind.

I feel all can undoubtedly benefit from being more mindful of all the things we are thankful and blessed to have, to the many favours of God we fail to recognise.

A 30 day journal helps us remember and channel useful positive energy to achieving a sense of nearness to our Creator. For the secular reader, simply thanking will bring you close to God and the proof is in the relief you will feel by saying thankyou.

It outlines spheres like prayer times, fasting, and other spheres like good character to avoiding distractions as well as Sadaqah (charity done to please God) and the notes take you through each day.  There is a reward system, and ive had this on my hard drive for years.  Finally InshaAllah it will reach and benefit those who need it the most.

It is in Adobe format, (which means you need the program Adobe Reader).    The website is, and all credit it to the author.  For finding your true self, i pray for all of you, to be free, from all the world’s distractions, and a lasting source of peace.



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