Are you in need of help/support as a Parent with Mental Illness?



After quite some digging, I cant find a single specialised service that works and addresses the needs of single or, just parenting needs for Parents who have mental illness. There appears to be a gap, and although I have had the benefit of feeling supported,  I know that it can also go horribly wrong if you have a service that fails to identify your needs as a Parent, and rightfully address them in your Care plan.

This poll, aims to find out, how many of us need such services, where are those people (i.e which part of the UK) and how high the need is for such a service.  Please also read the post Single+Parenting with Mental Illness.  

Click which is most like you right now. (Sometimes think of the past four weeks for a clear picture)

Please also pass this poll link onto anyone you know or who knows someone that is struggling and/or could just do with someone to talk to.  Results, depending on how many get involved will be published.  The overall aim is to provide some evidence that this vital service is needed to those who work in the M/H Sector especially highlight to those who decide which services remain and those that are axed. InshaAllah.

If you take the poll,please leave location i.e Derby or Preston, in the comments box with your selection of 1, 2, 3, or 4 as the answer. This will help monitor the level of urgency in different areas.


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