Volunteer, what is on offer?



Volunteer’s are motivated for reason’s of giving back and many pursue paying role’s into full time jobs.  Their main objective is to support and become involved in providing services to mental health sufferer’s in a compassionate, non-judgmental and enabling manner.

This can be from important numeracy, computing and literacy skills.  They can also be helpful in supporting you to fill in forms, deal with worries such as debt and housing.

They also can help you access local groups, such as art, gardening, walking and many others, where you have the chance to socialize and do something you enjoy.

Ultimately, volunteer’s want to contribute to make a lasting impact on the people they come into contact with, the path you take is led by you and their main drive is the reward of helping others.  You can also have someone just to talk to, empathise and feel you have someone that is there to listen.

Anyone who wishes to benefit from having a volunteer, with links to many helpful supportive agencies, whilst still retaining confidence and trust, can contact me.  I am able to come out to you, or meet you in a quiet location, covering Rochdale, Manchester and localities around these area’s.

If you should feel you want to get in touch, please email me or use the contact form







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