I am a mother, an aspiring fashion designer, a budding photographer and I write.  But I also suffer from a debilitating condition, a mental health one.

This site and its aims, are to serve the mental health sufferer whose condition, or diagnosis impedes their ability to live a full, rewarding and successful life.  Via posts that will address issue’s to experiences, to useful information on pages, focusing on managing anxiety, as well as access to help, support and even avenues to recovery, I aim to shine a ‘light’ to open doors, and take tiny steps towards feeling better and being able to cope.

Organisations and Companies may want consultancy and perhaps training.  This is also available, to enhance your workplace and staff to promote mental wellbeing and support those who may need support in a compassionate and confidential manner.

My skills include, training on courses such Mental Health First Aid, to Level 2 City &Guilds Mental Health Awareness Course.

I can bring tools and a listening ear to the ‘service user’, whilst creating a more conducive work environment, fostering positive attitudes towards mental health and those who experience distress.

If you would like to contact me, please leave your details below.


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