Anxiety Quick Fix.

If you’re tanked out on anxiety, what you dont realise is that the answer is outside interventions will help your internal locus to cope and feel better. That doesnt mean your problem is fixed, but the relief you will experience is going to allow your mind and body to do what you aren’t.  Recuperate and take a break.  

In my time, i have found some foods and tips to nip anxiety that is beginning to spike or bring down anxiety that threatens to overwhelm or has turned to crisis point.

Quick fixes;

  1. A hot mug of ovaltine.  If you dont have ovaltine use milk.
  2. A hot bath. As hot as you can bear but not so that it burns you. Use radox bath like stress/muscle tension relief/lavender (called bedtime). Fill it to nearly full so you can lie down in it.
  3. Lavernder is a pure essential oil. You need it in pure form to inhale from the bottle (availbale at body shop) and use a hanky or small cloth to drop a few drops on. To slow down a panic attack, drop some onto your upper chest and shoulders. DO NOT ALLOW SKIN CONTACT. Drop onto clothes. All essential oils are poisenous to the skin in pure form.
  4. Chamomile and elderflower drink. This is a juice drink, you can find in supermarkets. If you cant find the two combined in one drink, then elderflower and apple (that i take now) works instantly too but im always on the lookout for both.
  5.   A Paper bag. Make sure it covers around your whole mouth and nose and hold to your mouth. If your breathing is too shallow, this will force your body to breathe properly.  Look out for the blog on adrenaline (to be posted) Small ones from a pharmacy are a good size. Note; if the bag isnt going in and out, you’re not holding it around your mouth area with it closed off. Close off any gaps and sit/lie back and try again.
  6. Beetroot. I have no idea why but take a bite, even if you hate it. Trust me. Keep taking small bites and chew properly. Usually a few bites does the trick.
  7. A hot water bottle; if you’re experiencing pain due to anxiety, or bead bags (microwaveable) and apply to that area.  This also works great on tension so apply to any part of your body if you’re too tired, depleted to take a bath-.
  8. Vitamin C tablets. Again i have no idea why, but drop one into a tall glass (as opposed to small) and once dissolved drink this all. Do not sip, but drink normally until anxiety fades away or its finshed.
  9. When in crisis, and you’re out and about, find a juice bar and order the brain booster, (one with most cherries, strawberries and other antioxidants).  This will instantly slow spiralling thoughts and replenish anything you’re lacking. Result. Brain begins to alter to a more normal level of funtioning, you feel symptoms are leaving and have more energy and able to take control, relax and pause till you’re able to continue. You will feel mentally rebalanced, and as your body auto-corrects its feelings/thoughts, you’ll automatically feel able to breathe.
  10. For home, try to buy the We Squeeze juices. The Green One that looks like a pond (!) tastes amazing and is a real system booster as well as The Orange One.  These are expensive. So perhaps buy one and finish it as a ‘medicine’ in a week.  Keep these in your fridge, instant and deep impact.    These are great in an emergency too. Do not drink these excessively, they wont do harm but are very rich in content so you dont need a lot of this in your body.


Brain Foods! These are foods i have found that that will maintain a good mental state and and help with anxiety over a short term. Keep them in your diet permanently as regualr intake will even help you over dips and hurdles and correct your thought process without warning. (a postive thing).

Incorporate (build into) your normal diet.  Im happy to say that i have found a book written by a professional that confirms all the foods are in fact very beneficial!

  • Cherries.  Eat a handful at a time, or pop one/two as a nibble/or as a light snack through the day. ideally once a week.
  • Ribena; this works great to combat an overworked mind and general foggy headedness. Drink at least a small carton a day, to keep boosting mental function and zapping mental depletion.
  • Probiotic Yoghurt drinks; absolute must! Drink in the morning as part or after breakfast. This little miracle gem, somehow boosts mood and combusts negativity.
  • Mackeral fish. Have this on its own, best when in oil (this comes in small cans)
  • Oat, chocolate covered flapjacks.  I dont know why, but these help immensely with raised anxiety, when you need to function but find it hard to switch off, this really is another must.  Have one whenever you feel anxiety begin to swoop over you. After eating you’ll feel calmer. Must finish the whole thing, try as hard as you can.
  • Strawberries.  Eat ripe deep red ones. Great as a stress buster but for anxiety it sends in a zinger, a lot like the brain booster drink.  Eat a few, and finish your packet within the week.
  •  Pistachio’s (bought in their shells) really help me. Ideally after a meal, a handful.
  • Incorporate milkshakes, yoghurts and wholesome snacks like feta cheese and olive salads as well hearty soups, choose something you will enjoy and add bread if you want a more filling meal.


Remember; if you feel anything like wanting to sit down, lie down when you take or do any of these, go WITH the feeling. Do not fight it.  Its the best thing for you at that time. Do not fight the effect these have on you by trying to resist, but rather let it run its course.