This page will be tell you about agencies and charitable organisations that can provide you with help, support and advice. Sometimes its just wanting someone to talk to.  It will also give you a chance to get help if you would like, do courses to manage anxiety and also help build your confidence and try doing something new or an activity that can benefit/interest you.

Living Life To The Full. LLTTF  A free online website that offers cognitive behaviour therapy  (CBT) courses, to deal with anxiety and depression. Courses can be chosen depending on length and amount of information you’re ready to handle.  Many of the support aspects include a five-areas to wellbeing site where you can purchase books that will help in your recovery (very low cost) to forums where you can get to know others and offer/recieve advice. You can also do this with your worker/medical practitioner involved, if you choose.

Beating The Blues.  A 12 week online course, in CBT, to beat Anxiety and Depression.  I have done this and higly recommend it.  However, generally you should discuss with a Practitioner/Service who can put you onto the course, if you have/feel you are ready to tackle your issues on your own there is a charge. (moderate).

Mental Health Recovery Star – is a extremely visual and useful tool, ideally used with and implemented by your mental health worker, when used correctly can help you develop strategy for reducing your weak areas, whilst focusing on your strengths and positives.  Most therapies now are holistic and strentgh based.  This star has helped me have an overview and also balanced my perspective of how I, as a m/h user view my overall life.  Its quite liberating. The link will show you an example, shrink the page (use the tab at the top) to fit your screen.  Then you can see if this is appropriate and suitable.  I would recommend this, but in conjunction with someone supporting you. It is a process, and works very effectively.  There is as you can see a cost.  But can be accessed by your worker if you ask them to get it for you. The site for creating and selling it is MHPF- Alliance of Voluntary Sector Providers

Self Care Skills Training Course – Awaiting details. See post (click the title) for more info. Created by WiPP, by Kath Sharman. If this is you, please can you contact me as you have copywright (WiPP) for any materials used.

Mind. Mental Health organisation.  Offers support, courses, volunteer opportunities and case workers including advocacy.  Self Referral accepted. Excellence of standards and service.

Previous providers of Asian Womens Project. (closed now in Rochdale).  In Manchester they provide Mental Health and Befriending Services, as well as volunteer opportunities. Staff from Rochdale can be found at the generic support service, Creative Support on 0161 236 0829 where you may still receive support.

Mind Compleat Cafe Enjoy a cup of coffee to meals, internet service, weekly groups run, use as a meeting point for appoitments to social ones, volunteer opportunites. Rochdale Borough plus others.

Dandelion Arts – Oldahm Road, Rochdale. Awaiting confirmation.

Barnado’s.(Parents); Fresh Roots Project assists women (with children) in crisis especially if fleeing Domestic Violence and need to find housing and move. This service is indispensible, especially with feeling supported whilst also coping with Mental Health.  Presently you can find help with Mental Health with East Lancashire Wellbeing, counselling to guidance on recovery as well as being at risk of becoming homeless.  I have been with Barnados and they went above and beyond to help me, from day to day to overall issues.  Outstanding.

Room C101
Northbridge House
Elm Street Business Park
BB10 1PD

Email this service

Phone: 01282 792395

You are not in this Alone

U Me Aur Hum; Mental Health based.  This isnt a great movie. This movie is great becaue its about an ordinary man, who becomes extraordinary in his attitude towards others. It also proves something we know and see all the time but fail to recognise. People do change, and so can then the world.  Warning:  DO not watch this in a fragile, unstable state of mind. Emotionally charged and raw.  Link on here can lead to renting via Lovefilm. (Not an advert, just an example of another way of viewing as opposed to purchase). Suitable for Asian Women/Men Groups. Recommended for m/h sufferers, especially couples, and a family film.

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.  Watch on Amazon, click link under video., A warm feel good movie, about having mental health.

Silver Linings Playbook. (click link under video)  A look at attitudes, personal issues and having someone to share it all with.  Mental Health based.  Some emotional robustness is required.  Overall, ordinary level of emotion.  Nothing too raw.

Productive Here there is a wealth of tools, aids and tips to streamline and make the most of your time.  It can also help you achieve goals, especially one’s that are religious, and I have found solace in the verses of the Holy Qur’an, that have assured and given me relief.  Find positivity, daily to monthly worksheets as well as parts of articles, that you can apply to your life.  This site is about taking away the chaos and restoring order whilst still achieving your goals.  Its aimed at the general muslim population, but can be easily used by other faith, non-faith audiences too.  The link is a typical example of tips and ideas, to declutter your mind and take your time, with each part of your life.


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